Three Ingredient Crispy Chocolate Treat

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Some days you just wanna make something really easy with whatever you have on hand. I had a day like that last week. I had a craving for a sweet snack and wanted to make something somewhat reasonable with very little effort. That’s where these guys come in.


I made these bars two different ways, each way calling for three ingredients. The first one was made with chocolate and peanut butter while the second one was made with chocolate and toasted coconut. They are both really tasty and REALLY easy. This recipe is barely even a recipe. It’s a throw a bunch of stuff together and end up with something tastipe. Tastipe? I tried to make up a cool new word and I don’t think it really worked out.

Anyway! Because of the simplicity of ingredients involved you could definitely up the portions to say… fill an entire cookie sheet or baking dish, then slice it into squares. I can’t afford to keep that much of a good thing around or I’ll eat it all, which is why I only make enough for one bar. I cut the bar in half and eat a square at a time, but I suspect most people will want to eat the whole thing at once which is why I’m going to calculate the calories out as one serving. Also, you can use whatever kind of cereal you have on hand. I used Kashi Go Lean Crisp Cinnamon Crumble (that’s a mouthful – HA FOOD PUN) but pretty much any cereal with fairly small pieces should work fine. Lightly crushing a larger cereal would probably work well too.

While I was in the middle of writing this post I stood up and went into the kitchen to make one of these. I wanted to whip out my phone and quickly snap a photo of how I wrap these up before they go into the freezer. It’s not exactly rocket science but a little visual aid never hurt anyone! I also just wanted to eat one. Ain’t gonna lie.

Crispy Chocolate Treat

Summary: Easy to make, three-ingredient chocolate snack..


  • 1/4 cup dry cereal (I used Kashi Cinnamon Crumble)
  • 1 tablespoon chocolate chips (I used Ghirardelli bittersweet chips)
  • 1 teaspoon peanut butter (I used Smucker’s Natural)


  1. In a small bowl microwave the peanut butter and chocolate together until melted.
  2. Stir the cereal into the melted chocolate until thoroughly coated.
  3. Spread onto a sheet of parchment paper and fold it up, similar to how you’d roll up a burrito – making sure to fold in the edges to keep everything snug inside. This process is forming the shape of the bar so you want to keep it kind of tight to hold the edges in place.
  4. Transfer to the freezer to chill to 10-20 minutes until the chocolate has hardened. The amount of time it takes will vary depending on how flat you make your bar.


To make the coconut version, sub 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of toasted coconut in for the peanut butter.

Preparation time: 15 minute(s)

Cooking time:

Calories: 174