Me! Katherine Dinger, or as she is known on the street, K-DOGG DING, is an extraordinary experimental vegetarian chef who makes dishes that are delicious, visually appealing, and healthy (the latter only if it’s not “cheat day”, which is really supposed to be “cheat meal” but sometimes it gets out of hand). Katherine believes in eating delicious food while maintaining a healthy diet. No iceberg and alfalfa salads here. She loves painting, gaming, cheese, cats, Adventure Time, zombies, and black eyeliner.

She also has an illustration portfolio that you can see at pocketmole.com.

Katherine lives in the Dallas area, which is really not as bad as you’d think.

About Gouda Monster

Many have commented on the visual appeal of Katherine’s food photography, and many have asked for her recipes. Unfortunately, apart from baking, she’s very much a non-recipe person. She throws things together on the fly, sometimes completely changing a dish as she’s making it. But so many people have asked for her recipes, and so many have encouraged her to blog about her food, that she has finally succumbed to the siren song of… actually measuring things.

And when she does something, she does it right. So here are her recipes, presented for your pleasure, in wonderfully geometric fashion.

The food that is on this site is vegetarian (no fish or meat of any kind, no meat stocks, etc), but often contains simulated meat alternatives. Omnivores are encouraged to adapt the recipes for their diets.

Written by: Christopher Armstrong